Please read our latest Blog at Nurture Development and find out more about the amazing building community ABCD Festival next week.

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On Sunday night last, May 30, 2015 at 10:35 Judith Snow passed away. A faculty member of the ABCD institute and a most sensational and gifted woman who will be deeply missed and long remembered.

As a tribute to her memory an article was written on the Nurture Development blog with a couple of stories from her life.

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Hours before Judith passed, she was planning her trip to Europe to be with us for the ABCD Festival and many other speaking engagements. I know she was hugely excited to be crossing the ‘pond’ to be with us. So, we will be dedicating the Festival to Judith, and creating the space to raise a parting glass, and to celebrate our friend, mentor and a phenomenal woman.

Go well my friend…